Fighting that Low Back Pain

My own personal experience is that my low back Pain goes away when I am back on top of doing many of these exercises on a regular basis.  

[…Tight hip flexors also make it harder for your pelvis to rotate properly—inhibited mobility in this area can cause compression and pain in the lower back]

Link to more explanation on these Everyday exercises

  • deadbug
  • glute bridges (start here, then move into single leg as you’re stronger)
  • goblet squats (I use a dumbell at the house)
  • kettlebell deadlifts (dumbells are fine)
  • planks
  • bent over rows (concentrate and do each side separately)


This link was in that article and gave more ideas.   


[….One key to keep in mind for all glute work: Focus on driving from your heels (not the ball of the foot), which helps fully activate your maximus, the biggest and strongest part of the butt…]

[…glute bridges are a super simple and effective way to reactivate your rear, which you can level up with one-legged bridges or by placing a resistance band around your thighs. In addition to bridges, she suggests working on glute-targeting moves such as bird dogs, clamshells, donkey kicks, and planks after every cardio workout.…]

[…Incorporate lower-body exercises like deadlifts, squats, and lunges into your strength training routine, too, Stokes says. Just remember her signature tip to help target your glutes even more effectively: “Squeeze your butt like you’re holding a million-dollar check between your cheeks—you wouldn’t want to drop that!”…]

A Little Help for the Longevity

“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.  We have the technology…”

I strive to help people live healthier with overall wellness.  My coaching includes discussions on flexibility, exercise, diet, and mental well-being.  We talk about longevity often, and how people today will live far longer than in the past.  Our bodies will wear out.  Your organs wear out.  Then comes the question, “To what extent would you be willing to replace and rebuild to stay around longer?”  Interesting thought, huh?

Extending Longevity of Body Parts

@thebox – Crossfit Style

A word about Crossfit from my point of view.  I love it!  Admittedly, I was timid and shied away from trying this out for myself.  As a trainer, foremost in my Corrective Exercise studied mind was form.  I had heard rumors that form didn’t matter and people get hurt, and it’s all about speed.  No!!

I joined the most awesome box, Crossfit South Aurora.  This is the end of four weeks of going 6x/wk.  What I learned was the speed comes with technique, and the injuries come with too heavy of weight too soon and improper… form!  I picked a great spot to start and had the flexibility to be there for smaller class sizes in the mornings.  This allowed me good one-on-one time with the coach, and a watchful eye that participants are correctly performing.  If not, he takes time with us outside of the Workout Of the Day, to get the proper technique down.  I’m finding out through this, I’m learning Olympic lifting.  Sweet 🙂  I also discovered how weak I’d become over the past several years.

Life is about choices!  I could choose to be upset and wallow in the fact that I’ve lost muscle and strength.  Where will that get me?  Nowhere but down and weaker.  I choose to do something about it.  Outside of something I cannot control, I will get stronger again.  Becoming a skinny mess without muscle, would take away my independence, has taken away the ability to do some of the active things I love.  Gaining strength and muscle, will give me back my life again.  My life, my inner strength… I am strong!


Ever notice how a cat, a dog, even a horse for the example of animals, all stretch often or shake it out?  What are we doing sitting still for so long in a chair, or standing in one place?  Sure you may have spent the day walking around and on the move, but did you take time to stretch.  I’ve posted ideas before of stretching at the office.

Today I wanted to share this book with you that one of my clients shared with me some time ago.  Bob Anderson’s Stretching.  I keep the pocket version in the30thTPBhomepg[1] family room to remind me to take a little time to stretch.

Additionally, there is this resource which has many methods to help you with increasing mobility and maintaining your body.  Good for fitness pros, PTs, athletes, coaches, or someone wanting to live more freely and have less restrictions from the body.  It is a resource shared with me from other trainers.  This one is called, Becoming a Supple Leopard.     Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 7.18.21 AM

Anything I write, or contents I link with, are merely suggestions.  Exercising has its risks and it is up to you to know your limits.  My blogging isn’t a prescription or a plan for everyone.  I, nor Sandi Productions, is NOT responsible for any injury or troubles that may occur from your consulting or utilizing my content in your life.

Benefits of Exercise

Have you had the pleasure of feeling uplifted after exercise?  I’ve had those days where I might be feeling sluggish or down.  Getting a little physical or a lot, even taking time to stretch, makes a difference.

Benefits of Exercise
In addition to the physical benefits, exercise has been shown to improve psychological functioning, decrease emotional stress, and to elevate mood.



The Death of Digital Photography as We Know It

I’m attaching a link to an article I was reading today about the advancements in digital cameras.  Are the new features needed, desired, or adding enough value that the pros will continue to upgrade?  The newest innovations aren’t leaps and bounds over what we have in our hands already.  Thus, possibly slowing down the purchase and creating a decline.  It’s not that manufacturers are shouting out that sales are dropping, however it sounds like more of some stagnation occurring on coming up with real whoppers of new equipment.

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 6.33.48 AMAt the same time, one should ask then, what is it that would be leaps and bounds to push the purchase of new equipment?  Our cameras do so much now, and they have limits with size of the camera body, and ability to mix all features into one unit.  If you’re dealing with shooting video using a RED Cinema camera vs. shooting video on your still Canon SLR, you’re not comparing apples to apples, and it seems a far reach for the development of an item like that.  If a manufacturer is offering up working on an all in one combining a Leica Sofort instant camera, mixed in with a digital SLR, now that would be something!

“In February, Nikon—the world’s second-biggest camera manufacturer by market share—published a notice of “recognition of extraordinary loss.” The statement admitted that, over the last nine months of 2016, the company had lost $260m,” shared by