Ever notice how a cat, a dog, even a horse for the example of animals, all stretch often or shake it out?  What are we doing sitting still for so long in a chair, or standing in one place?  Sure you may have spent the day walking around and on the move, but did you take time to stretch.  I’ve posted ideas before of stretching at the office.

Today I wanted to share this book with you that one of my clients shared with me some time ago.  Bob Anderson’s Stretching.  I keep the pocket version in the30thTPBhomepg[1] family room to remind me to take a little time to stretch.

Additionally, there is this resource which has many methods to help you with increasing mobility and maintaining your body.  Good for fitness pros, PTs, athletes, coaches, or someone wanting to live more freely and have less restrictions from the body.  It is a resource shared with me from other trainers.  This one is called, Becoming a Supple Leopard.     Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 7.18.21 AM

Anything I write, or contents I link with, are merely suggestions.  Exercising has its risks and it is up to you to know your limits.  My blogging isn’t a prescription or a plan for everyone.  I, nor Sandi Productions, is NOT responsible for any injury or troubles that may occur from your consulting or utilizing my content in your life.

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