@thebox – Crossfit Style

A word about Crossfit from my point of view.  I love it!  Admittedly, I was timid and shied away from trying this out for myself.  As a trainer, foremost in my Corrective Exercise studied mind was form.  I had heard rumors that form didn’t matter and people get hurt, and it’s all about speed.  No!!

I joined the most awesome box, Crossfit South Aurora.  This is the end of four weeks of going 6x/wk.  What I learned was the speed comes with technique, and the injuries come with too heavy of weight too soon and improper… form!  I picked a great spot to start and had the flexibility to be there for smaller class sizes in the mornings.  This allowed me good one-on-one time with the coach, and a watchful eye that participants are correctly performing.  If not, he takes time with us outside of the Workout Of the Day, to get the proper technique down.  I’m finding out through this, I’m learning Olympic lifting.  Sweet 🙂  I also discovered how weak I’d become over the past several years.

Life is about choices!  I could choose to be upset and wallow in the fact that I’ve lost muscle and strength.  Where will that get me?  Nowhere but down and weaker.  I choose to do something about it.  Outside of something I cannot control, I will get stronger again.  Becoming a skinny mess without muscle, would take away my independence, has taken away the ability to do some of the active things I love.  Gaining strength and muscle, will give me back my life again.  My life, my inner strength… I am strong!


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