Oatmeal Whole Wheat Waffles

A little time on the weekend allows me to make some delicious freezeable waffles.  Mine come out fluffy.  This week I did not do the blueberry edition as I have in the past.  This week, I put in pecans and cranberries.  Yummy!image


Morning Routines

How do you start your day? Are your mornings something you look forward to, or do you dread waking up?



I came across an article this morning and it made me think of mine. It bears similarities. I awake, and first thing the half-caff coffee gets brewing. I feed the cat and may start prepping the snacks and food for the day. I’ll have a small bowl of oatmeal and sometimes add seeds, nuts, berries or raisins.

Maybe 30 minutes after enjoying delicious oatmeal and coffee, I am ready for a workout! This always includes flexibility training, core work, strength, and balance. After that great start, I finish up any meal prep for the day, then get showered and smelling pretty.
The article mentions two breakfasts. I do eat two breakfasts! Yessiree BOb. I’ll fire up the Magic Bullet Blender and the smoothie mixologist in me comes out. A scoop of a vegan protein mix, light almond milk, water, and then the variants: frozen banana, berries, kale, nut butter, ground flaxseed, and even coconut flakes have all found their way into the mix.
Before heading out the door, at some point I hold my cat and give us some snuggle time. I will look at the sun rising over the mountains, watch a few hummingbirds feast in the sweet nectar in the feeder. My morning is full and complete, and I have yet to cross the threshold out into the world outside!

Healthy things nutritionists do before 10am…

Activate Those Glutes (Butt Muscles)

Box Step Kick Exercise for a Better Butt

Over 13 years ago I remember doing “step-ups” with a trainer.  Now that I am a trainer, I have learned about form and how to make them more effective.  This video by Paul Chek is great!  It delves into how to do effectively perform your common step exercises on a box step, bench, or the step climbing machines in the gym, in a way that targets your under active glute muscles. Yes, I said “your.”  Many of us have underactive butt muscles.  Listen and watch this video.  With the rage of Cross-Fit and HIIT workouts around, his take on it with acceleration is timely.

Notice Paul’s form, the knee is not going beyond the toes, and he remains well balanced.  Remember not to do so many reps or go for so long that you lose form and other muscles take over such as your low back or hamstrings.

Box Step Kick Exercise for a Better Butt

Cut Down my Bloodflow?

Recently, I was told of an article in the Wall Street Journal about Kaatsu.  It was developed by a body builder in Japan.  “With Kaatsu, people do a light workout while wearing pressurized belts, first on the upper arms and then on the legs. The belts are inflated and pressure is regulated using a machine—“ka” means add and “atsu” means pressure. The workout can consist of normal exercises such as squats, push-ups or lifting light weights, and might last for five to 30 minutes.”

My initial thought is that Americans will love this.  We always seem to look for the fastest way to get results with less effort.  I’m not jumping on board to endBN-LU127_1221JA_J_20151218170118orse this just yet.  Those of us who have felt the reward of working out hard and seeing results, enjoy that rush.  I’ll be curious to see if it makes its way into the U.S.

Read the article, see the video.

Today’s Workout

What did you do today for fitness?  Did you run the turkey trot in Detroit, or another Thanksgiving themed jog?  Perhaps you went to Ashtanga yoga for a great two hour practice.  Or, like myself, you utilized your home gym equipment and felt fully energized and ready to take on the day.  Today’s workout for me included using my own bodyweight, dumbells, a stability ball, kettle bell, and a foam roller.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.


Bear Crawls in Everyday

Video of a Bear Crawl

Recently I was instructing my functional strength class.  My goal was to be able to relate exercises to everyday life.  How is the bear crawl used in everyday life?  The example I gave was the following.  Imagine you are on the floor, playing with the kids or pets, and you need to move a bit to grab the ball or remote control that is also on the floor but fairly out of reach.  Bear Crawl!  Today I found myself doing a modified bear crawl and felt compelled to share.  Image you have a larger plastic tub on the floor, filled with clothing, and atop of it is a medium sized cardboard box that is also filled.  It is easier to push the plastic along the carpet.  Now, how did I bear crawl?  I put both hands on the sides of the top of the plastic tub, and pushed it along the floor.  All the while, keeping my behind low and being conscious of my core to not injure myself.  A chuckle to myself, as I found another application in everyday for this move.

Workout at Work

I like this Washington Post article.   Nice ideas on how to take a break and get moving at your desk.  The motion graphics may make you giggle, and I like the inclusion of their ratings.  Please click on this link and see about a dozen motions in action by various animated characters.

http:Raise the roof//www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/health/workout-at-work/Knee lift

There’s also a poster to download to keep at your desk.